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Inconvenient Lie?

Holy inconvenient truth Batman, I can’t image “crazed poodle sex”, Mr Gore. According to Molly Hagerty, a massage therapist, former US Vice President is a pervert and a sexual predator who sexually assaulted her. Oh and in a Monica lewinsky-esque move, Molly says she has DNA to prove it. Oh but wait, there’s more, now that she’s blabbed to the National Enquirer it seems authorities are going to investigate the claims. Might want to consider going down to Louisiana and help clean them oil soaked pelicans for awhile Al!

Psst The incident supposedly happened in 2006. Could this be a case of fame whore envy?


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Dribbling Sexual Predator

British detectives are on the lookout for a sexual predator who attacked a 13 year old on Moreton Cross. Here are the three distinct things the girl remembers “The first is that he was wearing a gold watch on his wrist, the second is a green tattoo on his left hand which she believes may have been a frog, and third, the offender dribbled saliva profusely during the attack.” Dribbled profusely? Ewh, shouldn’t be hard to find.


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