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Hollywood or Bust

Well Hollywood, you should be hanging your head in  shame. With all the recent rolling up of the red carpet to expose what has been swept under it,  I just shake my head. This behaviour should have been eradicated decades ago when Hollywood icon Shirley Temple  Black  exposed the “trip to the casting couch” for many young actors (including herself). But what was the response?  Friggin crickets.

Year after year I have sat through  actors using the Academy Awards to vent about….decent roles for women…. decent roles for African Americans…. we hate our President….what about slaves…Jews…transgenders. This social bandwagon has got so bad the Academy Awards are no longer about the “best movie” but what social agenda they want to push each year.

In the last few weeks I have watched high profile actors and actresses ducking for cover over the sexual abuse accusations. One Hollywood icon said she had heard rumblings about it but didn’t act because it didn’t happen to her. Another called Weinstein “a god”.  A few comedians  have made “clever insinuating” jokes but no one has had the balls to confront it head on. All these teary Oscar acceptance speeches, gushing about how the industry has everyone’s backs and what a great collective group of talented people they are, just seems so hollow. Especially when one of the culprits is sitting in the audience.

Please don’t get me started on all the Hollywood child actors who have turned to drugs or have died young. God knows what lead them there.

Hypocritical Hollywood should take a long hard look at themselves before they start telling us how to think, feel and act!

PSST Dear god please don’t let them use this as their next Academy Awards theme! Considering they all turned a blind eye.



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Catch Me If You Can!

Why do we have police, again?

Welcome to political friggin correctness insanity. Western Australian police have been banned from  describing OFFENDERS by their nationality, race or religion. They are now limited to just saying if the suspect is light or dark skinned. Reason? Seems using ethnic descriptions “reinforced negative stereotypes” and is basically racist. Oh for crying out loud, if they are friggin criminals who gives a shit. The objective of police is to catch the baddies, not friggin care about goddamn civil libertarian bullshit. The police commissioner is defending the policy saying that public can often get the ethnic description wrong thus hindering the investigation. Give me a friggin break and give the public some credit, surely police can use “MAYBE of Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Australian descent”. When will we stop protecting the friggin criminals and start protecting the victims? If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it’s usually a friggin duck! Or is that a non mammal with feathers?

Psst You watch this law fly out the window the moment a politician or their family member becomes a victim!


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