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Who Let The Sharks Out?

This is not what you want. A shark tank in a shopping center in Shanghai bursts . AND yes, it had friggin sharks in it. Dear god my two worst fears, sharks and shopping centers!!!!


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Granny Goes Full Monty

Poor granny. When the Chinese government demolished her house as part of a massive urban renewal programme ( which allows forced evictions) , 77 year old Zhuang Jinghui stripped naked on the steps of the Shanghai courthouse as a last act of defiance. You go girl.



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Phone Girl’s Been Disconnected Again

Call me?

Oh for goodness sakes people can you leave the friggin Phone Girl statue alone. One of Shanghai’s most well known statues has been damaged once again. Yesterday morning people were greeted by the sad and sorry sight of the “call girl” lying on her side and broken in two, next to the telephone stand. The statue was sculpted by He Yong in 1996 but has been cursed with bad luck ever since. In 1998 it was pulled down by would-be thieves and then in 2000 it was nicked by two junk collectors. It took four years for the police to finally catch the thieves who are both serving 12 year jail sentences. In 2006 the phone was stolen.


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