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Just When You Thought

This is what women do in Oz. See a shark in a rock pool …pick it up and chuck it back in the ocean!


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Why Perth Has A Tourism Problem

This white pointer was eyeing off  swimmers at a surf carnival on the weekend. On a positive note it seems people can walk run on water.

Shark sighting at Leighton Beach


December 4, 2012 · 12:11 am

Fourth Shark Fatality

Maybe not!!!

Feet up Perth. Another shark attack, this time near Busselton. So far there have been four fatal shark attacks off the West Australian coast in less than a year. Why can’t I stop the Jaws theme playing in my head?


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Rogue Shark Gives Pilot A Scare

A pilot of a passenger jet in New Zealand got the fright of his life by a friggin airbourne shark. Yep, I know what you are thinking but, no. It was a remote control helium filled balloon shark. The shark  is suppose to be used indoors but it must be another friggin rogue one . Sheez, that could have been a blood bath!


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Feet Up Perth

Could Perth have a serial killer shark on the loose? A 3m white pointer is believed responsible for the death of an American man who had been diving off Rottnest Island today. Hello, this is the third victim in seven weeks. OK, no one is saying it’s the same shark but if it is…yikes! The man, believed to be on a working holiday, was diving alone when the shark attacked. By the time his friends saw the “flurry of bubbles” it was all too late. Authorities have now been given the all clear to kill the rogue shark. Hmm, aren’t all white pointers rogues?



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Surfing The Shark

Forget jumping the shark, Doug Niblack surfed the shark! Yep, while surfing at Seaside a 12ft great white bumped him off his board but instead of becoming shark bait he somehow ended up standing on top of the creature. Humiliated the shark swam off.


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Rogue Shark Strikes Again

OK, note to self, do not go swimming in the Seychelles, friggin sharks! The honeymoon ended for a British couple after Ian Redmond was attacked and killed by a 2 m shark while snorkeling 10m off Anse Lazio beach. They are calling it a “rogue” shark that has been stalking swimmers for at least a month. Rogue? I’d called it nasty assed! Two weeks ago a French diver was killed by presumably the same “nasty assed” shark. The couple had been on their finally week of their honeymoon.

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My, What Big Teeth You Have?

Attention Loons, the New Hampshire police would like to know why there is a 8 foot blue shark in the woods near Milton, especially considering it is about 45 miles from the ocean! Hmm, maybe it was attending the Teddy bears picnic?

Psst Don’t panic, it’s dead!


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Shark or Dolphin?

You may not know this but Western Australian beaches are notorious for sharks, usually Great Whites, oh and dolphins. Hmm, so imagine the shock, horror when  a surfer decided to test his new helmet camera and caught a big ,dark object moving under his surfboard 20 metres from shore. Dolphin or shark? Sheez, who friggin cares get the hell out of there!!!


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Shark Attack

You know what I hate? When a shark grabs you by the face and drags you underwater. I really friggin hate that. Lisa Mondy is lucky to be alive after the shark attacked her as she waited in the water for a boat to pick her up after falling off her wakeboard in Port Stephens, Sydney. After biting her on the face it came back for a second bite, grabbing her by the arm.

Want sauce with that?


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