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Jack The Ripper Was A Hairdresser

sherlock 2Seems the century old mystery that has fascinated the world has finally been solved, thanks to a bloodied and semen covered shawl  found near the body of  one of his victims, Catherine Eddowes. The shawl was purchased at an auction in 2007  and then sent to a molecular biologist who tested all the DNA found on the garment.  The semen , it seems, belonged to a mad as a meat axe Polish Jew immigrant hairdresser named Aaron Kominski. He was thrown into a loony bin in 1891 three years after the killing spree.

But hang on Sherlocks, the Ripperologists aren’t convinced of the findings because a) the shawl had been handled by Eddowes’ relis prior to the auction, which could explain the DNA. b) Catherine Eddowes was a prostitute so the semen could easily have belonged to Kominski who frequented the ladies of the night c) the shawl has been handled by so many people over the years there could be hundred if not thousands of DNA samples on it. d) it was never proven the shawl belonged to Catherine anywho as it wasn’t on the police list of items found at the scene. e)the findings haven’t been reviewed or confirmed by the scientific community.

Oh dear, back to the drawing boards people, nothing to see here.

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