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So This Is What It Has Come To

Harris county

The elected sheriff of Harris County, a US Army retiree, personally paid for the $553 sign.


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Gastronomic Justice

Every time news columnist E.J. Montini writes a negative story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio he gets sent an anchovy pizza, compliments of Joe. Moral of the story is never reveal you hate damn salty fish.

Psst You can get the lowdown on the showdown here azcentral.com


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Where’s Your Christmas Spirit?

Not friggin Bing Crosby again!!!

Make it stop, make it stop. Despite inmates filing 6 lawsuits against a sheriff in Phoenix, he continues to pipe “Christmas music” all day, every day throughout the jail. Oh and don’t be thinking he is just playing Christian jingles, nope , he has a worldwide mix of festive season music. Falalalala lalalala. So far 4 of the suits from prisoners have been dismissed. Complaints range from “cruel and unusual punishment” to “forcing inmates to participate in religious celebrations”. Hmm, just be grateful he hasn’t got Mariah Carey’s Chrissie album on loop!


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