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Harry Styles Gets A Shoe To The Balls

Taylor Swift seen exiting the building real fast….


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Would I do That If I Was Guilty?

When an officer from a Urban Development Authority in India was accused by villagers of corruption, he took his shoe off and began hitting himself over the head with it. Parveen Kumar repeated whacked himself on the noggin with his shoe telling them he had never taken a bribe. OK,OK!!!

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Chip Off The Old Block

So tell me, what happened?

An Indiana man is suing a strip joint after a stripper’s shoe flew off and hit him in the face, chipping his  front teeth. Jake Quagliaroli now has veneers which will need replacing every 15 years or so. Hello, lifelong dental probs people! Sheez, lucky it was just her shoe, I hear those twirly thingamajigs can take an eye out!

Want sauce with that?


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Extra Cushion

OK, here’s the thing Demare Gary, when hiding 17 bags of crack, it isn’t a good thing to stash it in a 3 year old’s pink Nike Air Jordan, I’m just saying. The poor little snowflake had complained to her mommy that her foot hurt so she loosened the laces before sending her limping off to school. When she continued to whine to the teacher about her foot she took off her pink Nike Air Jordan’s and viola  17 baggies of crack cocaine.

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Dumbass Diplomat!

Oh for goodness sakes Qatari diplomat, firstly there is no friggin smoking on flights in the United States and secondly trying to extinguish something that vaguely resembles fire is gonna get you in trouble no matter who you are (oh, except if you are a diplomat!). The incident happened last night on a United Airlines flight from Washington to Denver. The FBI are still trying to determine if the diplomat, Mohammed al Modadihad, been smoking in the toilets or was attempting to ignite something. Two fighter jets followed the plane until it safely landed in Denver on an isolated airstrip (just  in case of a kaboom!).  Hmm, whatever the outcome seems our little mischief maker has full diplomatic immunity.


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