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Butch Cassidy Was a Machinist from Spokane

Hands up who friggin cares if Butch Cassidy survived the 1908 shootout in Bolivia and actually returned to the US to live out his final years? Hmm, thought so! Anywho, a Utah book collector does and he believes  that William T Phillips, a machinist from Spokane, was in fact Butch! Seriously! If you give two hoots you can read the rest of the story here otherwise carry on as you were!

Cassidy and Phillips


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Wrong Man Killed

OK, here’s the thing Tamik Kirkland, if you are going to break out of prison to kill the father of the man who murdered your mother, try  to shoot the right guy. Kirkland broke out of prison to revenge his mom’s death by killing the barber (who is the father of one of his enemies). Unfortunately his aim was a bit askew and he only managed to wound the man but kill a client sitting in the barber’s chair waiting to have his hair cut. Kirkland was seriously injured following a police shoot out .


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Shoot Out Over Parking Space

Step away from the parking space

Geez, you shovel friggin snow out of a  parking spot  for your girlfriend and some bastard goes and puts his car in it,  the damn cheek. The inconsiderate person in question is Errol Parker Sr (61) who after being told to remove his car, got decidedly angry and punched the poor man and then pulled out a gun. When Pittsburgh police arrived Errol fired two shots at police but eventually surrendered. Hmm, that’s a attempted homicide and assault of a police officer right there!

Psst Mr Parker also got a tasering for good measure, despite surrendering.


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Toledo Gunfight at Route 66

A group of people drinking at a Toledo bar, what could possibly go wrong? Hmm,a wild west shoot out that’s what. Police have released footage of the bizarre brawl and shoot out at the Route 66 Kitchen in the hope someone can identify the gun toting patrons.Lucky none of them knew how to friggin aim when they fired off more than 20 shots during the shootout or it could have got ugly uglier! the fight is believed to have started after a man trying to sell marijuana was asked to leave. Dope!


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Welcome To Generation WTF

You're killing me here!

You're killing me here!

A woman is suing the Ventura city for over $680,000 in damages after her hubby allegedly shot up half the neighborhood and caused a police standoff. Julie Greenleaf wants the city to pay for her husband’s medical expenses, loss of earnings, repair of bullet holes and enough money to support her 4 year old daughter. This because her drunk hubby fired over 50 rounds into his neighborhood before having a shoot out with police. Eventually the man was shot in the shoulder and surrendered. Police Lt. John Garner summed up the claim in one word “ludicrous.”

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