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Not Again

With a heavy heart, I write yet another post about a mass shooting. I don’t like discussing the actions of the shooter, as it doesn’t change a thing. Plus, we will never know or fully understand what goes through the mind of someone so intend to kill.  All I know is 12 beautiful souls, who were simply going about their business, won’t be seated at the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year (or any other year). Sadly one of the victims was Tel Orfanos, who had only 12 months earlier survived the Las Vegas massacre. Each will have a story and each of those stories will finish with the words THE END. Thoughts and prayers.

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Hate + Guns =

Usually, I like to keep my posts relatively light and non-confrontational, but what up people?  Are these random acts of violence in the US on innocent people due to a) mental illness b) uncontrollable anger c) misinformed rhetoric or d) because they can? I spent most of the weekend shaking my head. Firstly the MAGAbomber sending pipe bombs through the mail and then, the gunning down of Jews in their house of worship. What made it even more depressing was I began thinking that at least the MAGAbomber fruit loop didn’t kill anyone. Yes, sure, he scared the beejeezus out of politicians and newsgroups but no lives were taken. That is a sad way to think. I also find I am becoming more desensitized to mass shootings. This again isn’t healthy. We can do better, can’t we?



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No Words

yellow-ribbonI simply have no words.

Thoughts and prayers for the victims, family and friends  in Orlando.


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OK, We Have The House Surrounded

police 740 armed police armed with assault rifles and an armoured BearCat vehicle surrounded a house in Sydney for three hours in a tense standoff with a man believed to be involved in a shooting. Police, using a megaphone ,tried to coax the man out but after getting no joy they sent in specialist officers from the Tactical Operations Unit to force their way into the house. Problem was the house was empty. Awks. Still no word on who or where the gunman is.


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Batman Massacre

Thoughts and prayers to those who lost loved ones in the Colorado Batman massacre. No words.


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Karaoke Is Deadly

and now the end is near I face the ......

Oh my, William Oller Sr (70) told his son ‘I’m going to shut you up’ before grabbing  a gun and shooting him 4 times. Reason? His son wouldn’t stop karaoke singing on his karaoke machine. Oller Jr (50) was shot in the shoulder, head, arm and chest, while Oller Sr managed a bullet to the leg. No word on what Oller Jr was singing.

Psst Oller Jr will live to sing another day.


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Belgium in Mourning

A crazed gunman lobbed grenades into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Belgian killing 6 people and injuring 123. The gunman, believed to be career criminal, Nordine Amrani, was suppose to appear in court but instead began shooting at innocent shoppers in a crowded square in Liege. Witnesses say he was firing from  the roof of a bakery before throwing three live grenades. Amrani was found dead at the scene but police are yet to determine if he killed himself or whether one of his weapons exploded. King Albert II, Queen Paola and Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo rushed to the scene on hearing the news.


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Homicide Declared After Woman Dies From 15 Year Old Gunshot Wound

Um, I don’t know how this works, but officials in Seattle have declared a homicide after a woman, who was shot 15 years ago,  died from her wound this month. Lakessha LaShawn Johnson, who was shot in 1996, was found dead in her home  from what appears to be  injuries she sustained in the 15 year old shooting incident. Police are currently trying to determine where the incident took place so they can lay charges.


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Damn Thing Won’t Die

The offending creature

OK, here’s the thing, three Independence policemen shooting at the alligator in Rick Sheridan’s  back yard, it’s a friggin concrete ornament. When Mr Sheridan heard gunshots ringing near his house he went around to the pond at the back and saw the three officers lined up on the bank shooting at his concrete gator. When the cops realized the gator wasn’t responding they slinked off.


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Nuclear Sub Shooting

You know what I hate? When a fights breaks out over a toilet on a nuclear submarine  so a serviceman pulls out a gun and begins shooting. I really friggin hate that (especially on a nuclear sub). Everything was going just dandy on the HMS Astute until able Seaman Ryan Donovan allegedly desperately needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately he was ordered to let a visitor go first.Hmm, in hindsight not very smart. The sailor grabbed a SA80 assault rifle and shot dead a Royal Navy service person and left another injured.It is also being reported that Donovan didn’t want to go back to sea and begged to be allowed shore leave.

Want sauce with that?


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