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That’s A Bum Wrap

I don’t think it counts as a “cinema shooting” when a moviegoer accidentally shoots himself in the butt in Nevada. The unlucky devil was watching The Bourne Legacy when the gun he was carrying fell on the floor and kaboomed him in the ass. Only a few people heard the bang so there was no need for alarm. And anywho, most people were probably grateful for the distraction…. I hear the movie’s crap.


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Driver Accidentally Shoots Himself In BOTH Legs

OMG, Justin Newberry was minding his own beeswax while driving down the Interstate 24 when he put his foot on the brakes to slow for traffic and his handgun (known as “the Judge”) slid out from under the seat. This is where it gets a little ugly. When Newberry leaned down to pick it up he grabbed it by the trigger and kaboom! The darn thing went off. The slug went right through his right thigh and hit him in the left leg just above the ankle. Bet he couldn’t do that again if he tried! Anywho, he managed to ring 911 and they flew him to hospital. In the meantime the police found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car. Bummer!


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That’s Blowing Your Nose!

Oh for goodness sakes people, how many times have I told you one must never use a gun to scratch an itchy nose, it can only end in a kaboom! A Russian policeman is believed to have accidentally killed himself after using his gun to scratch an itch on his nose despite there being no witnesses. Hmm? Police said they found the officer’s body in a locked room but because there was no suicide note investigators concluded it was accidental.


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