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Shopping Cart Rage

Woman arrested for shopping cart rageA woman in Germany maybe charged with premeditated assault after she rammed her shopping trolley into the heels of another shopper during a fit of shopping cart rage. The incident happened when the woman got pissed at another shopper for not letting her pass in line. So enraged she left the line and attempted to pay for her purchase at the info desk. After being told no, she stormed out of the store. As luck would have it as she was leaving she spied the other woman so she grabbed her cart and rammed it into her heels. Unfortunately for her, witnesses grabbed her number plate as she fled the scene. When police arrived at her home a short time later she told them “I lost control of my shopping cart, it’s not like they have anti-lock brakes,” Meanwhile, the victim was carted away in an ambulance.


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How Embarrassing

And the winner of this weeks dumbass emergency call goes to the two teens in Sweden who got themselves stuck in a shopping cart. The girls had been joyriding around in the trolley in the middle of nowhere when they realised they were wedged and rang the cops. They sat squashed in the cart for about an hour before they were eventually located. Awkward!


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Shopping Trolley Horror

Two teens have been arrested after they hurled a shopping cart from a four storey walkway  which landed on top of  a poor woman who is now fighting for her life. Marion Hedges (47) was walking with her son near a Target store when kaboom, the cart hit her from above. The two 12 year olds were arrested after one of their friends reported the so called “prank” to police.


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Friggin Shopping Trolley

Take my friggin trolley, I'll show them what's what!

OMG, all hell broke loose in a German supermarket after a pre baby boomer and a X  Gen fought over a shopping trolley. The 74 year old pensioner wrestled with the 35 year old  woman to  lay claim to the only shopping trolley left in the car park. Next thing X gens brother floors the old man with a punch. Not to be out done the pensioner follows them to the cheese counter and clubs the brother with a friggin salami. Enter X gens mother who wallops old man with a 4lbs piece of Parmesan. Old man then pushes mother down onto glass counter where she cracks her head. Enter police . Both old man and mother are treated in hospital for minor injuries while the trolley sought counseling. Merry Christmas!


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