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Don’t Shoot The Ref, Argentina

A soccer player in Argentina was so peeved at getting a red card during a match, he stormed over to his bag, got his gun, returned to the pitch and shot the ref dead.


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Iceland’s Perfect Record Ruined

Breaking news, Iceland, the country with the lowest crime rate in the world has had its first ever fatal police shooting. The victim was a 50 something guy who went  a little crazy with a rifle. When the man started shooting at the cops they shot back and well you can guess the rest. Perfect record ruined. The national police chief said “The police regrets this incident and wishes to extend its condolences to the man’s family,” Sheez, they are so nice.


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Veteran Kills Sniper Author

Ex sniper and author killedEx Navy Seal and author of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, has been shot dead at a shooting range. It seems Kyle was shot at point blank range by a veteran who he was trying to  help overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome .


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Boxing Legend Corrie Sanders Murdered

The world is mourning the death of South African boxing legend Corrie Sanders (46) who was gunned down while celebrating his nephew’s 21st birthday party at a Pretoria restaurant. The ex heavy weight boxer who won 46 of his 50 bouts was unfortunately the victim of a botched robbery. Witnesses say he was the only one shot when men carrying pistols burst into a restaurant and demanded money and valuables from the customers.
Sports stars have not only expressed words of sympathy over the senseless killing but many have used this opportunity to highlight South Africa’s increasing crime rate.


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End Credits

OK loons, casts your minds back to last year when a lawyer shot dead a man who was munching his popcorn too loudly during the screening of Black Swan in a Latvian cinema. Yeah, well, he got himself 17 years behind bars. Seems the jury didn’t buy Nikolajs Zikovs’ whole argument that he shot the unarmed man in front of his young daughter in self defense. Tough crowd!  It also didn’t help his case that the incident occurred as the final credits were rolling.


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Oh No, You’re Not Sleeping In My Bed!!!!

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
A Polar bear.
A polar bear who?
I don’t friggin know but he’s standing right behind you. RUN!!!!
Louis and Damien Reardon woke up to find a 135kg polar bear rummaging through their house in Newfoundland. Evidently the bear had broken down the doors of three other houses before surprising the Reardons. Rangers later shot the rogue polar stone dead 😦


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Foodstamps , Facebook and Tragedy

OMG, a 12 year old girl from Texas who posted “I think I may die 2day” on her Facebook page was murdered by her mother a few hours later. Ramie Marie Grimmer (12) and her brother (10) were being held hostage at gun point by their mother at the Laredo welfare office, after she was denied food stamps. During the incident Ramie went onto Facebook and posted several messages including “I m bored” and “may die 2day”. A few hours later as a SWAT team surrounded the building Rachelle shot Ramie and her brother Timothy in the head before turning the gun on herself. Sadly Ramie’s prediction came true. Miraculously Timothy survived but is currently fighting for his life. This had been Rachelle Grimmer’s fourth attempt at getting food stamps to feed her family. She was told her case was closed.

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And This Is The Thanks I Get

OMG, a top Florida surgeon in the US has been gunned down by, get this, a disgruntled patient, who the doctor had recently saved by performing a double organ transplant . Nelson Flecha shot dead Dr Dmitriy Nikitinwas as he walked to his car  following a shift at a hospital, then turned the gun on himself. Police are at a loss as to why Fletcha would murder his surgeon after receiving a new lifesaving liver and kidney. Dr Dmitriy Nikitin was 41 and leaves behind 4 young children. Sad.


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Poet Shot Dead

A well known Miami poet, Will “Da Real One” Bell, has been shot dead by gunmen outside his Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge.  It is believed a car pulled up moments before closing time and an assailant open fired. Police have yet to find a motive for the killing as no money or jewelry were taken from the victim. Sheez, who would kill a poet?


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RIP M-Bone

Another random act of violence has claimed a rapper. This time M-Bone from the group Cali Swag District has been killed after a drive by shooting in Inglewood, California. M-Bone, whose real name Montae Talbert, was leaning against his car outside a liquor store when a man driving past pulled out a gun and shot him. M-Bone was only 22. What a waste. RIP.

UPDATE : Police are investigating  a cyber fight between M-Bone and an unknown man on Twitter over a girl which may have instigated the shooting. The car M-Bone was using was allegedly owned by the woman.


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