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Turn The Other Cheek


A woman who was minding her own business was shot in the butt by a man who accidentally discharged his handgun at a Bass Pro Shop in California. The man had taken 6 guns for testing at their upstairs shooting range but while he was checking them in at the front desk, kaboom, the bullet flew 40 yards right into the left buttocks of a female shopper.

Psst Why do they have a firing range at a Bass Pro Shop?


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Lucky It Missed

Man accidentally shoots himself in the buttAnd the winner of the “ah crap, I just shot myself “award goes to Fort Myers man, Timothy Allen Davis, who successfully shot himself in the butt with a .380 semi automatic handgun. Ouch. Hmm, as he was pulling a shirt out of his drawer the gun flipped up and into the air before landing and firing. Everything was going just fine until his sister told him there was blood pouring out of his pants. Fail!

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And That’s Why They Have Safety Locks!

Man accidentally shoots himself in the buttOK, so how does one shoot themselves accidentally in the butt? Well if you put your gun holster in the small of your back…odds are! Oh boy, the Glendale security guard is going to find this one hard to live down. The unnamed man was getting ready for work when he accidentally pulled the trigger as he was putting it into his holster. Hmm, lucky he didn’t have the holster in the front or he may have had an even sadder tale of woe!

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