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Teen On The Ground

Pants on the ground can get you shot. Just ask Kenneth Bonds (45) who used a semiautomatic pistol to shoot at a couple of teens because they refused to pull up their baggy pants. Fortunately for the 17 year old, Bonds missed but the 16 year old wasn’t so lucky….kaboom…right in the butt. There’s an assault charge right there.

Psst Now who’s looking like a fool with their pants on the ground?

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Pain In The Butt

OK, one more time people, do not put a handgun in your back pocket if it isn’t on lock. A Snohomish man found out the hard way after shooting himself in the ass with a .40 caliber.He was just trying to see if it was more comfortable. Hmm, answer was NO!


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Pain in the Ass

OK, here’s the thing police officer from the University of Illinois, when tucking your 40-caliber gun in your waistband make sure it doesn’t go off and shoot you in the ass! Officer Bryan Mallin was off duty and visiting a shopping center when either his finger or clothing accidentally got hooked in the trigger. Kaboom!


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Lucky It Missed

Man accidentally shoots himself in the buttAnd the winner of the “ah crap, I just shot myself “award goes to Fort Myers man, Timothy Allen Davis, who successfully shot himself in the butt with a .380 semi automatic handgun. Ouch. Hmm, as he was pulling a shirt out of his drawer the gun flipped up and into the air before landing and firing. Everything was going just fine until his sister told him there was blood pouring out of his pants. Fail!

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