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Family Dollar Store Robbery Fail

Trying to rob a Family Dollar Store pretty much always ends in tears. Hmm, but in this case, it ends with a casket and a hospital bed. Allegedly two men with guns confronted two armored truck guards after as one guard walked from the Chicago store with a bag of money.Long story short, the guards were able to shoot the men despite one having a sawn off shotgun shoved under his chin and the other a gun in his back. Both suspects were shot in the head, with one dying at the scene and the other being rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Neither guard was injured. WTF, were they friggin ninjas?

Want sauce with that?


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Guns and Sex Don’t Mix

A man in Oklahoma told police he accidentally shot his wife in the head during a fantasy sex game involving a gun. Awkward! Hmm, Arthur John Sedille (23) told police he grabbed a handgun from next to the bed, cocked the gun, put it  to Rebecca Sedille’s  head and it went kaboom. He said he didn’t have a clue it was loaded. Mrs Sedille (50) was pronounced dead at the  hospital.


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Welcome to South Africa

I don't know, something about a banana

A teenager was shot in the head by a banana plantation security guard after he suspected the teen had stolen some bananas. Bafana Ndlovu (14) was walking down the street with his mates and eating a banana when a a man in a red Nissan double-cab bakkie (interpretation thanks Julie! Hmm, is it like a bokkie only bigger?) opened fire on them. Enter RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) who are now investigating the incident. Bafana’s father said it was highly unlikely his son stole any bananas because they grow their own. The boy still remains in hospital.


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Lack of Easter Dress Sense

When you go to a family Easter dinner dressed in a T-shirt and denim shorts you normally don’t expect to get shot. Police say Evelyn Burgess (42) was not impressed when Danielle Pickens (19) rocked up to the dinner inappropriately dressed. Of course it ended in a fight but when Ms Pickens went outside to leave…kaboom…Ms Burgess shot her in the head with a shotgun. Ms Pickens later died in hospital. There goes Easter!


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I Gotcha You Little Rodent

I don't know, something about a squirrel!

I don't know, something about a squirrel!

Ge Vang must have really bad eye sight or something if he thought his cousin looked like a squirrel. Hmm, that is what he told police after shooting Chou Vang in the head with a .22 caliber rifle (ouch!). The two were in the Navarino Wildlife Area squirrel hunting (what, with friggin rifles?) when they got separated. One thing lead to another and badaboom, Mr Vang opened fire at movement in the woods.Not to worry Chou Vang should be as right as rain as soon as that wound heals and the ringing stops!


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Dragonfly Shooting Is Dangerous

I don't know, something about dragonflies!

I don't know, something about dragonflies!

OK for starters, what kind of person goes and shoots dragonflies with a rifle? A Johnsonville man is lucky to be alive after he walked in front of his friend, who was shooting at dragonflies, and copped a bullet to the head. The victim apparently didn’t notice he was picking off the little creatures one by one with a rifle! The man was later found bleeding profusely from the head at the Carvers Bay Convenience Store. No word yet on how many dragonfly fatalities.


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