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Moosed Again

Hunter misses moose but hits man on toiletSteady, aim, fir….. oh crap. A hunter in Norway is in big doodah after he shot at a moose and missed, instead hitting an elderly guy sitting on the toilet in his bathroom. The rifle was fired just 100 yards from the man’s cottage.


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Don’t Drink and Get Shot

You would have to be the most unluckiest man in Syracuse wouldn’t you? A man who was randomly  shot , decided to drive himself to hospital but on his way he was charged with drink driving. Derek Pride was just standing on a street corner when someone just up and shot him. He then jumped in his car and decided to drive himself  to hospital  but drove  on the wrong side of the road  and straight into another car. Oh boy, despite bleeding from a gun wound to the shoulder the police still charged him with DUI but they did rush him to hospital! So all’s well that ends well. …sort of!


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