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Ian Neale From Cardiff Friggin Run!!!!!

It can’t be good when Snoop Dogg dedicates 34 seconds on YouTube to give a shout out to a 68 year old vegetable gardener who broke the world record for growing the largest yellow turnip (also known as a swede or a rutabaga).  I can only guess as to why Snoop has taken a keen interest in gardening!!!!!

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Bearman and Cynicism

I need friends!

OK, the Loon is giving 2 shout outs today. That’s right 2! Firstly, if you haven’t already can you go and friggin befriend Bearman on his Facebook page…. http://facebook.com/beartoons…. he’s getting awfully lonely. As blackmail he is offering to make face or give you a t-shirt if you hit the “like” button. Oh and don’t forget to tell Bearman I friggin sent you.
OK and for number 2s, can you Loons go over to Cynicism 101 and shit in his nest.Lets give him a good old dose of “false sense of security”.


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