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Jesus Appears in Shower Mold

Holy shower mold Batman. Seems Jesus has jumped out of the mixing bowl and straight into some shower mold. Hmm, Jesus might just want to grab a scrubbing brush, that stuff could kill ya!


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At Least You Were Clean!

OK, here’s the thing Timothy Chapek, when breaking into a house don’t be taking no shower because the owner and his two German Shepherds may return home during the middle of it, forcing you to ring 911 because you’re scared he has a gun. Chapek had broken into the Portland home and was taking a shower (as you do) when the owner returned and confronted him. Quick thinking Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and rang 911 fearing the owner may a) set the dogs onto him or b) shoot him. Either way it was a lose/lose so he rang the cops for the trifecta!


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Make Me

I don’t want to, you can’t make me….


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Make Yourself At Home Why Don’t You

Shane, Shane, Shane, how many times do I have to say this, breaking into someone’s house, raiding the fridge, taking a shower and watching TV naked is just wrong. Shane Tyler Tinsman was caught making himself at home in a strangers house after the owners came home and noticed several lights on. Police eventually arrived and removed the interloper, after he put  his clothes back on of course.


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