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Shrien Dewani Allergic To Sleeping Pills

Remember Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani? Come on, the guy who claimed he and his bride, Anni Dewani, were carjacked on their honeymoon in South Africa and he escaped but she ended up dead. Yeah him. Well anywho, guess who’s been rushed to hospital from an apparent suicide attempt allergic reaction to sleeping pills. Mr Dewani is scared shitless of the extradition hearing which will see him ordered back to South Africa to face trial.


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Shrien Dewani’s Life Unraveling

Sheez, nothing like your wife’s murder to open a friggin can of worms. Seems Shrien Dewani, the man suspected of being involved in his wife’s murder while on  their honeymoon in South Africa got himself a part refund on his wife’s business class airline ticket . Evidently someone from team Dewani called on his behalf to get some money back  seeing as she didn’t use the return ticket. Attaboy. Would have been the last thing on my mind but anywho! Then, just when things couldn’t get any more bizarre some German  dude claims he was Dewani’s kinky gay escort. Awkward. The Munich prostitute said he had three hot sex sessions with him last year. The man who calls himself the German Master contacted Scotland Yard after seeing Dewani on TV. This has got to end up a midday movie!


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Murder 101

Note to self… if you want to bump off your wife in a high crime rate country, don’t organize it during your honeymoon or the world media will be all over it like blowies to bait! Shrien Dewani has been arrested in England for the alleged hit on his bride, Anni,  after the taxi driver (who was in on it) made a plea deal. Seems Dewani organized to have his wife murdered in South Africa during their honeymoon because he believed it would be seen as just another case of a random act of violence.

Psst Obviously it isn’t hard to find a hitman in South Africa.Hmm, nice tourist angle for couples….Club Dead!


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Honeymoon is Over

OK, here’s the thing people, don’t, and I repeat DON’T, drive through a slum in Cape Town, it will only end in death. Anni Dewani was murdered after she and her millionaire hubby, Shrien Dewani, were hijacked by robbers as they drove in a taxi through slums in South Africa. The robbers forced the taxi driver from the vehicle and sped off with the two terrified British newlyweds in the back seat. Mr Dewani was later robbed and forced out of the vehicle but his wife of two weeks was taken by the gang. Her body was later found slumped on the back seat of the abandoned minibus in another slum. It is believed she was shot.


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