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The Shroud Still Shrouded In Mystery

After years of testing and re-testing the mysterious Shroud of Turin in an attempt to prove or disprove it was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ,  Italian government scientist have finally come to a conclusion. Yep, the cloth is supernatural.Reason? No technology today can reproduce the damn thing. The scientist got close by using high-intensity ultra violet lasers but no medieval hoaxer could have got close to pulling  it off (not even that smart ass, Leonardo). Therefore “The implications are… that the image was formed by a burst of UV energy so intense it could only have been supernatural.” Hmm, so in other words Aliens huh?


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The Shroud of Turin

For people who haven’t bothered to read “about Friggin Loon” (and you know who you are) I’ve spent much of much life traveling the world filming documentaries and stuff. During one of my travels a few years back, I and my trusty cameraman Simon, had the bizarre privilege of being allowed to film the Shroud of Turin. It was one of those right place, right time things (which we both have a special knack for). We had no idea it was on display in Turin, (Simon didn’t even know what the hell it was!) nor that people had tickets for this event two years in advance.

Anywho, we were escorted through the church and whacked less than 1 metre from the cloth and told to film to our hearts content.We are one of the few media companies in the world given this privilege. OK, OK, I m getting to the point. So since then I have followed with interest all the medieval forgery debates and carbon dating dramas surrounding the 4.37m long piece of linen. This week a Vatican researcher is claiming she has deciphered the faint writing on the cloth (move over Dan Brown!) and believes it’s proves the burial cloth is that of Jesus. Pray tell Barbara Frale? Ms Frale says the faint words (which probably seeped through from the “death Certificate” attached at the mortuary) are written in Greek, Latin and Aramaic and include the name “Jesus Nazarene”. Important? Yes. Because had it been a Medieval forgery it would have also  included the words “Christ” or “son of God” as  it was a crime not to mentioned Jesus without his divinity in those days. That’s a heretic charge right there! OK, so that research  “may” exclude it from the 13th and 14th century time line but never underestimate the brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci, it sounds exactly like something Leo would have diliberately done to argue it’s authenticity!

Psst If you want to see the footage you can find it at Italian Vista!


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