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Sicilian Delivery Room

Two hot tempered Sicilian doctors are in big doodah after they had a punch in a delivery room over who was going to perform a c-section. During their fisty-cuffs the woman, Laura Salpietro, was left hemorrhaging. After one of the doctors was slammed into a wall and the other punched a window attention went back to Salpietro. Hmm, in the end she had to have her uterus removed and her baby suffered two heart attacks and is now suffering from brain damage.

Psst Story thanks to Susi Spice.


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Shotgun Wedding

Whoopsie. An Italian wedding photographer is dead after he was accidentally shot in the head with a hunting rifle after he had asked the bride and groom to pose with it. Calogero Scimea was shot when teenage sweethearts Valentina Anitra and Ignazio Licodia were about to tie the knot. They were at the groom’s parents home in Sicily prior to the wedding when Scimea asked  if they had any guns he could use as a prop. It is unclear if the rifle went off while the photographer was handling it or whether someone accidentally pulled the trigger. Either way the wedding was canceled and the groom’s parents face prosecution. All and all a friggin crap day!


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Pretty In Pink

OK, here’s the thing Italian advertising agency, making a fashion ad featuring Hitler in friggin pink, with a heart armband instead of the swastika, is only gonna get you  grief. Duh! The giant poster which was placed on a billboard in Palermo, Sicily, has enraged the locals. The agency defended their work by saying the caption “Change Your Style. Don’t Follow Your Leader.” was intended to ridicule the Nazi dictator not “minimize his crimes”. Hmm, not according to the local association of partisans who said  it is offensive, especially to everyone who fought against fascism and should be removed immediately. Oh crap, if they hated that billboard wait until next month when it’s replaced with Mao, China’s communist dictator!


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The Things You Have To Do For Peace And Quiet

Thank goodness, some peace and quiet!

A Sicilian man deliberately stole candy and a packet of chewing gum  so he could avoid spending New Year with his wife and relis. The 35 year old originally went to a police station and begged them to send him to jail for the night so as to avoid the family  festivities but they refused and sent him on his way because he hadn’t committed a crime. Desperate, the man went straight next door to a tobacco store and threatened the owner with a box cutter while stealing some petty items. Problem solved. He waited until police arrived and he was arrested for robbery. See, persistency pays.


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It’s a friggin Life Sentence!

Man under house arrest wants prison over nagging wifeOK, you have two choices, prison or house arrest with your wife, which do you choose? Hmm, well if you are Santo Gambino from Sicily you pick the first option. Santo was originally arrested and placed in a Palermo jail for dumping hazardous waste but was later moved to house arrest. A short time later he went to police begging to be sent back to prison because his wife was giving him the shits. Seems wifey was whinging about his failure to provide for her and the kids blah, blah, blah, blah . Nowhere to run, poor bastard. Police , though empathetic, charged him with violating the conditions of his sentence and made him go back home to get more of the same.


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