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Punishment Complete

Remember the woman who was ordred by a judge to hold up a sign as punishment for driving on the sidewalk to avoid waiting for a school bus to move? Yeah her. Well, she’s done it!



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Judge Orders Driver to Wear Idiot Sign

A judge in Cleveland has ordered a woman, who was caught on camera driving up a sidewalk to avoid waiting behind a school bus, to stand at an intersection for two days wearing a a sign saying “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”.  Hmm, so I wonder how many drivers will be distracted by that?  Yep, this could only happen in Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman. Yes, Bearman and Bill, I know, Ohio is the State that will determine the next US President!!!!!


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You Can Breathe Easier

Attention people the set of lungs found on a sidewalk in LA are not human, repeat, not human. Move on, nothing to see here.

Want sauce with that?


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Sidewalk Etiquette Fail

Oh for goodness sakes you Zaxes! Who gives way to whom in sidewalk etiquette? Hmm, probably the one without the knife! St Cloud police believe sidewalk stubborness lead to a man being injured during a sideway confrontation. After both men refused to give way as they walked towards each other, a fight broke out and one of them  was stabbed several times in the stomach. Lucky he wasn’t carying a taco!


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