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Forgive Me Father

Whoopsie, a vicar was left a little red faced when he placed this outside the church.

PSST: Welsh



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It Really Is Santa

Watch what happened when  a little deaf girl sat on Santa’s knee….


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Punishment Complete

Remember the woman who was ordred by a judge to hold up a sign as punishment for driving on the sidewalk to avoid waiting for a school bus to move? Yeah her. Well, she’s done it!



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The Cultural Divide

I don’t care who you are or what you are protesting, this type of behaviour is unAustralian and should NEVER be tolerated. Friggin DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!

Up to 400 protestors stormed the streets of Sydney angry at a US film  that supposedly depicts Mohammad as a womanizer and pedophile. This film was made by some Christian religious group and placed on YouTube. I have no idea why they are killing innocent people and attacking Americans  for something they were not even affiliated with.


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The Hair Of The Dog

Cheers. Make it a double!

No probs!


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Good Luck Selling Your House!

Titus Terranova has made it extremely hard for his next door neighbor to sell their house, which is located in rural Colorado. Reason? He has painted  a 12ft sign on the side of his caravan warning potential buyers he’s the neighbor from hell. The sign which is visible to anyone looking at the property reads
3 Rottweilers
Loud Parties
Loud Music
Loud Cars

Surprisingly there have been no takers and the seller is now considering taking out an injunction to force Terranova to remove the sign.


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Love Thy Neighbor

Edward Jimmis is highly unlikely to win citizen of the year after he put a wreath on the back of his garage door with a handmade sign which read “Glad you have canser. So die stupid.” (and no , he can’t spell very well either). The target was his next door neighbor, Bob Gold, who is fighting cancer. When police asked the cold hearted Jimmis to remove the sign he refused because technically he wasn’t breaking any laws. Evidently the two had a falling out! It was only after a news reporter rocked up that Jimmis switched the sign to “Love your neighbor”.


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Fat Man vs Sign

Natural selection …..


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Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke

Albert “Dick” Whittamore, who was buried this week in Dover, England had only one parting wish, that his hearse bore a sign “Smoking Killed Me”. The 85 year old had died from emphysema and wanted to do his bit to warn others of the dangers of smoking. Some of the town folk also put the signs in their windows as the hearse made it’s way to the cemetery. A placard with “Smoking Killed Me”  will lay at his grave site for a week. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking,  it took it’s own sweet time killing him but it did. Adda boy Dick!


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