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If You’re Happy And You Know It ….

Whoopsie, seems like My Pal Scout is a bit of a slutty mutt. Parents are friggin freaky over a singalong toy for snowflakes.

Psst Leapfrog Toys have re-recorded the song.


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Russian Sleeper Spies Have Sing-along With Putin

When I was a spy....

Don’t get me wrong but shouldn’t Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin be a little less cheery about his get together with the 10 sleeper agents who were recently booted out of the United States. It kind of makes diplomatic relations with the US a little awkward don’t you think?  Sheez, if that was me I’d be bitch slapping them to kingdom come for their complete inability and failure in getting even an itsy bitsy of valuable info out of US in the ten friggin years they were “supposedly” on their mission.  Sheez, hows about that for a big friggin waste of time and money. Russia shouldn’t be proud, they should be hanging their head in shame.In the good old days that was a friggin one way ticket to Siberia.

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