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RIP Joe Cocker

yellow-ribbonSinger Joe Cocker passed away today. I hope he gets a good bye with a little help from his friends.


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Emmanuel Kelly

Kleenex time Loons. A few days ago this young fellow decided to audition for X Factor Australia. Emmanuel Kelly, who is 17, started out life in an orphanage in Iraq. He and his brother had been found in a park, in a shoebox, abandoned most probably because  both had been born with severe birth defects, thanks to chemical warfare. Enter Moira Kelly, who originally flew them to Australia for surgery, but ended up adopting the two boys. This is his story and song ….

Psst You may recognize Moira Kelly,  she is the guardian of conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna, who were successfully separated in 2009 after she found them in a Bangladesh orphanage.  Moira  heads the Children First Foundation and this is her story.


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Spanish Singer Murdered

Spanish singer Facundo Cabral (74) has been shot dead after a concert in Guatemala City. Evidentally gunmen approached his car which was being driven by his representative and opened fire on the singer. They also riddled another car which had his bodyguard inside with 25 bullets but no one was injured. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom reacted to the news by saying “It is sad that a man who sang about love, peace and happiness has lost his life to some bastards in Guatemala.”

Psst I suspect there is more to this story. Sounds like a deliberate hit!


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UK Singer Target in Murder Plot

UK Singer Joss Stone must be thanking her lucky stars that her neighbors are nosy buggers and reported a suspicious vehicle near her house because it seems two men had plans to rob and kill her. When police arrested the men they found in their car, swords , rope and body bag and maps to her secluded house. Oh yeah, that’s a would be murder if there ever was!


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Lucky He Didn’t Sing “I Think I’m Turning Japanese”

Oh my, a pub singer  was arrested after he was accused of being racist. Evidently two Chinese tourists took offence to Simon Ledger singing the 1970’s classic “Kung Fu Fighting” as they walked past the Isle of Wight  pub. The police later arrested Ledger as he was having a meal at a Chinese restaurant (ironic!). The Chinese man had contacted police earlier claiming he was a victim of racial abuse leaving the them no option but to arrest the singer.

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RIP Phoebe Snow

Remember Phoebe Snow the singer of the 70’s and 80’s? Sadly she has passed away at the age of 60 from complications of a stroke yesterday. Best remembered for her hit Poetry Man and Every Night, Snow gave birth to a daughter with severe brain damage in 1975 and stopped touring to take care of her full time.Her daughter wasn’t expected to live beyond childhood but lived until 2007. Snow continued to release albums throughout thr 80’s and 90’s and was planning to go back into the recording studio before her stroke.


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RIP Gerry Rafferty

Scottish singer and songwriter Gerry Rafferty has died at the age of 63. Famous for hits including Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle With You, Rafferty  died from an unspecific illness with his daughter by his side .


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How James Blunt Saved The World

I'm Beautiful

Oh for crying out loud James Blunt, if you really wanted to save the world you would never have recorded the “You’re Beautiful” song, damn you! Mr Blunt is currently getting a sledging after he declared that he had saved the world from World War III during an interview yesterday. The singer who was once a cavalry officer said in the interview that during 1999, when he was serving in the Balkans war, he refused to carry out an order to “destroy” 200 Russian troops who had seized a Kosovo airfield. And thus saved us all from a fate worse than Saddam. Too bad he couldn’t save us from You’re Beautiful.

Psst Sheez, I bet they’ll make a movie about it now!


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Whitney Envy

O…M…G, if there was ever a reason not to encourage a kid to sing.Watch as psycho child screeches and curses trying to hit the high notes on the Whitney Houston classic. Hmm, she shouldn’t feel so bad Whitney can’t hit them notes either! Dear god she is going to be somebody’s wife one day!

Psst Hmm, are you sure this isn’t a Rosie O’Donnell offspring?

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The Sun Just Went Down

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (aka Γεώργιος Κυριάκος Παναγιώτου) (aka George Michael) has been thrown in the slammer for a month, thanks to his careless inhaling of an illegal substance which made his ability to drive around a different corner, suck. Wham Bam. Please don’t let the sun go down on him because last Christmas he got off with a warning and gave you his heart. But he’s gotta have faith that no one wants his sex because like Jesus to a child, he’s a father figure. Now he is praying for time and freedom because he knows they are waiting for him.

Psst Boy George maybe able to give him a few tips!


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