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Was Sirhan Sirhan Hypno Programmed?

OK loons, cast your minds back to 1968, when senator Bobby Kennedy was killed by an assassin’s bullets. The man holding the gun was Sirhan Sirhan, a Christian Palestinian born in Jerusalem, who was thrown in jail and basically never heard of again. Hmm, well hold your horses people, Sirhan’s lawyers are now claiming it was all a friggin set up and it wasn’t Sirhan’s gun that killed the would-be President. The lawyers  have got their hot little hands on new evidence that shows TWO (not one) gun was fired on that fateful day and guess what? They say it wasn’t Sirhan who shot Kennedy. Oh it gets better. The lawyers are claiming that Sirhan was “hypno-programmed” and subjected to “memory implantation techniques” to be the fall guy. Witnesses say they saw Sirhan Sirhan stand directly in front of the senator and fire off two shots before he was grabbed but medical evidence revealed Kennedy was struck by four bullets from behind him. Oh yeah and during the trial someone substitute the bullet found in Kennedy’s neck with a bullet  from Sirhan’s gun. Hmm, so in other words, Sirhan Sirhan must be coming up for parole!

Want sauce with that?

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Stating The Bleeding Obvious

A California board has denied parole for Robert F. Kennedy’s convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan.


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