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Here Pussy, Pussy, Pussy

A man in Australia has been arrested after he deliberately ran his sister down with his car after her cat pissed on his computer. She remains in a serious condition in hospital, bro has been arrested and the cat lives to spray another day.


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Mika’s Sister Impaled On Fence

Ewh, ouch. Paloma Penniman,the sister of well known singer Mika, is recovering in a London hospital after she fell from a three storey window ledge and impaled her legs and abdomen on a spiked fence railing. The singer was there at the time of the incident (5am) and called an ambulance. It is believed it took over an hour to remove part of the fence to free her but the spikes were still in her legs when taken to hospital. Despite being in a critical condition doctors are confident she will make a full but slow recovery.It still hasn’t been determined how she fell from the window ledge.

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Take That You Little Shit!

What better thing to use when attacking your sister than with a toilet tank lid I say. Nitasha Johnson has been charged with domestic abuse after she grabbed the lid and kaboomed her sister with it. Sis suffered injures to her foot, finger and dignity, while Nitasha (gathering by her smug shot) still thought it was still friggin funny!

Psst Christmas might be awkward!


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Lucky It Missed

Man accidentally shoots himself in the buttAnd the winner of the “ah crap, I just shot myself “award goes to Fort Myers man, Timothy Allen Davis, who successfully shot himself in the butt with a .380 semi automatic handgun. Ouch. Hmm, as he was pulling a shirt out of his drawer the gun flipped up and into the air before landing and firing. Everything was going just fine until his sister told him there was blood pouring out of his pants. Fail!

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