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Should Have Sold The Bones Separately

Coffin sold with skeletal remainsOK, here’s the thing man from Iowa. When selling an “oak coffin on a stand” online, don’t be including no friggin skeletal remains . Just saying. Now you got the Iowa police all over you like a cheap suit. The dude who posted the ad said the coffin  belonged to the now defunct Independent Order of Odd Fellows organization and was told the bones were donated by a doctor in the 1880s. Hmm, let the medical examiner be the judge of that.

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This Better Be A Saint Mister!

What do we have here?

Oh my lord, a monk has been detained in Greece after a dead nun was found in his luggage. OK, “skeletal remains”, but she was definitely dead. The monk claims he was just transferring her bones to a monastery in Cyprus because she was a saint. However it was later discovered that the nun had died about 4 years ago and was not recognized as a saint. Hmm, awkward. Despite the raised eyebrows, the monk has been released and charged with theft and desecrating the dead. Oh and suspended from his monk duties for three months.

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