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Calling Norman Bates, Norman Bates To The Front Desk.

Honey, sweetie,darl, digging up mummified women and dressing them up, is no way to go about your life. A Russian man, believed to be a historian, is being held by police after the remains of 27  females (in dresses) were found in his flat. The  bodies are thought to have been stolen from local graves. Dude! He was evidently planning to publish a guide book on exploring cemeteries.


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A Roman Gladiator Cemetery Unearthed In England

Archeologists in England believe they have discovered a friggin Roman gladiator cemetery. The cemetery was discovered in 2003 under the city of York and is believed to be over 1,800 years old. After seven years of investigations scientists are pretty certain the 80 or so skeletons belong to gladiators, mainly because of the injuries sustained and the fact they were all males (good deduction Sherlock). One male had  bite marks consistent with a big carnivore, like a lion or a tiger. Several had one arm bigger than the other, hinting that they were trained to be fighters from an early age and there were also a few decapitations and blunt traumas to the head, suggesting they  had all been involved in arena fighting (or had been married to some very angry women!). Bones of animals including, horses, chickens and pigs were also found near the bodies, suggesting they had some very impressive funeral feasts.

Psst Geez, if they were anything like British football matches it would have been a friggin bloodbath.


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