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Holy Communion

OMG. An Irish Catholic priest has some explaining to do after explicit gay porn images appeared on his slideshow presentation about school children’s first Confessions. Oh well, he should be grateful for small mercies that it was only the parents of St Mary’s Primary School who witnessed it. Evidently the offending photos were on a memory stick he used.Witnesses say he “bolted out of the room” when he saw what was up on the screen. The priest is of course denying he had any knowledge of the porn. Hmm, so would I!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Child Porn Screensaver

Oh for the love of god NO!  When Michael Immel decided to make a slideshow of his favourite photos on his computer, who knew it would be child porn. Even worse, the slideshow ran whenever his computer wasn’t in use. It wasn’t long before a deliveryman happened to notice his friggin kiddie porn screensaver and contacted police. He later told the cops he used the slideshow to counteract his impulses to hurt innocent children. Good for you creep!


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