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So What You’re Saying is NO?

As if lady!

Honey , Sweetie, darl when approaching a Darwin taxi driver for a little sex on the side, you might want to think about having a shower first. Dean the cabbie picked up the woman outside a tavern and she soon asked if he wanted to have sex…his response…”If you saw the girl you’d have to be pretty desperate. She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out.” In other words, Dean politely declined the offer but then things got nasty. The enraged sheila began swearing, cursing and kicking, then got out of the taxi for some more swearing, kicking and cursing before she threw a bottle through the rear window.Hmm, no one puts the fat, ugly , smelly woman in the corner (even in Darwin)!


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Sexual Favor Fail

Honey, NO!

Oh lordie, lordie, lordie a woman in West Virginia has been jailed after her sexual advances were declined because of a stinky vagina. Ewh!  OK loons here’s how it went down, evidently a drunk Melissa Williams asked her estranged hubby Danny and a friend, James Watson, for a little sexual pleasure but when Watson approached he said he was overwhelmed by a horrible vaginal odor and refused to proceed. A now enraged Melissa allegedly produced a lock-back folding knife, pointed it at her hubby and said “somebody is going to [perform a sexual act on me] or I’m going to cut your f***ing throat.”  Enter police, exit Melissa. Hmm, no word on whether she got what she wanted before police arrived.


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No, I Didn’t Mean YOU Were a Fat Smelly F Wit

Oh dear god, how many times must I warn you to check and double check which emails you are sending to whom! Obviously Senior Constable Craig Goudy wasn’t paying attention! He is in big trouble after sending a member of the public an email which referred to the residents of Frankston North as “fat smelly fuckwits.” Mr Goudy’s email was intended for a friend at the prosecutions office who often parks his car outside McDonalds but instead was sent to paralegal Murray Schoorman. Part of the email read “Stop parking at McDonald’s!.Your (sic) taking up the parking space of some fat, smelly lower class F wit from Frankston North who needs to survive on 20,000 calories a day to maintain their disability support payments from Centrelink . . . so STOP IT.” Awkward! Geez, guess who’s going to have Ethical Standards Department on their back! Bummer.


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Quick He’s Coming Everyone Evacuate

Oh for the love of god!

When people stop coming to a library because one person stinks to high heaven, you really have no choice but to sit down with that person and ask him…WTF man! This is what happened to Stuart Penmen. He stunk so much library officials in Leicestershire had no choice but to ban him from the building for 6 months as people refused to come back. Mr Penmen’s body odor was so putrid he had forced gasping readers to flee the library in search of fresh air. Despite staff sitting down with him to discuss his hygiene habits it just didn’t improve. The main source of stench seemed to be coming from his feet!


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