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Friggin Cigarette Lighter!

WTF? A three year old boy from Florida woke up in the middle of the night, found himself a cigarette lighter and set his great grandmother’s bed alight….with her in it. The incident happened in a mobile home in Port Orange where seven people were sleeping at the time. Phyillis Hall was taken to hospital with burns to her hands, feet and upper body but was later discharged but her hubby remains in hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Psst He might just be off Santa’s list this Christmas!


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Don’t Save The Phone

OK, here’s the thing people, you can always get yourself a new phone. When a fire broke in Nathaniel Lagree’s house, the first thing he did was rescue his wife and daughter. Sadly the last thing he did was rush back into the house to retrieve his cell phone. His body was later found by firefighters.

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