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Turtle Burger

Man tries to smuggle turtle  in KFC burgerOK, one more time loons. Despite what you might think, hiding your pet turtle in a KFC burger inside your hand luggage so you can travel with him on a plane is not going to work. Why, oh why, do you think they have Xray machines? Evidently the fast food turtle’s weeny legs protruding from the burger were a dead giveaway.

Psst China


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Multi Tasking Smuggler

Where the hell are we?

Oh, for the love of god, who the hell would attempt to smuggle 300 tortoises into Kuala Lumpur International airport. Sheez don’t they have the death penalty for that?  But Loons, all the tortoises were endangered and once living in Madagascar. Oh but wait, there is more, customs officials also discovered about 2kg of cannabis in his luggage. Oh yeah, a multi tasking smuggler! Evidently the man high tailed it out of the airport after seeing customs officials screening his luggage. Hmm, 300 tortoises? That would be one hell of mess in that suitcase!!!!


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That’s Gotta Be A Pain In The Butt

Oh for goodness sakes Gavin Stranger, what the hell were you thinking? The Washington inmate managed to smuggle a cigarette lighter, rolling papers, an ounce of tobacco ( size of a golf ball), a tattoo ink bottle, 8 tattoo needles, a one inch smoking pipe and a bag of pot, up his rectum. Yes, you heard me Loons, up his butt. The cops found the plastic bag containing all the content floating in a cell toilet after checking Mr Stranger for contraband over an hour and half earlier.  Hmm, despite Mr Stranger receiving additional charges, the police were somewhat impressed with the storage capacity of his ass.


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