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Snakes Alive

My greatest fear is that at some point wildlife will realise that if they join forces and attacked us collectively, we are screwed. Given that, a woman in India was bitten by some mean-ass snake in the middle of the night, while she was sleeping. When she woke up she began breastfeeding her baby before both became decidedly ill. Sadly they both died en route to the hospital. It is believed that the mother passed the poisonous venom through to her child via the breast milk. The family told authorities that they had seen the snake in the house but they didn’t manage to catch it.

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Another Reason Not To Visit Oz

Oh, for the love of …. look what some poor lady found nesting under her fridge. A preggie deadly Eastern Brown snake. Fortunately the nasty reptile laid its 14 offsprings after it was caught. Australia huh!



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Snakes Alive!!!!

OK Loons, one more time, DON’T kiss a snake. Any snake. Just ask the Chinese woman in Thailand…..


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Dear god, no wonder I sleep with one eye open….



snake 2



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Honey, Did You Move The Cushions?

snake6OK loons, if you decide to pick up a free couch you find lying out on the side of the street just ask yourself why did the previous owner throw it out? Hmm, maybe because it was home to a friggin 1.2 metre-long boa constrictor? It was two months before a housemate saw the damn thing slither out from under a cushion.


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Killer Python

Note to self, never ever sleep in the apartment above a reptile store. Two children are dead after a python escaped from the pet store, punched a hole in a ceiling and dropped down on to the two sleeping kids before proceeding to choke them to death. The brothers aged 5 and 7 were having a sleep over.

Psst Canada

Want sauce with that?


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A Snake You Say?

Snake bites man on penis Samuel L Jackson, Samuel L Jackson to the Haifa restroom, we have snakes in the latrine. An Israeli man was admitted to hospital after he was bitten on the penis by a snake while taking a leak in a public toilet. Hmm, the snake either jumps very well or the dude has very short legs or …oh never mind.


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Flaming Snake

OK, here’s the thing lady. When you see a nasty old snake slithering around your yard, don’t be pouring no gasoline on it and setting it alight as it may just end up burning your house friggin down. Snakes are like that. No word on what type of snake became a moving flame but it ignited a brush pile which created a bigger fire which then resulted in her and her neighbor’s house catching fire.


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Samuel L Jackson Fail

Man bitten by snake on planeOMG,  a passenger on an EgyptAir flight has been bitten by a snake that had been hiding in his hand luggage. Feet up everybody. The pilots realised something was up when they heard the man’s screams and made an emergency landing.


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Man vs Wild


OK loons, if I was bitten by a cobra I’d lay down and die (after I freaked a little) but not Mohamed Salmo Miya. The Nepalese farmer was so annoyed at the snake for biting him while he was working in the field, he chased it and then bit it to death. Miya told reporters ‘I could have killed it with a stick but I was mad with anger and wanted to take revenge. I killed it with my teeth.’  Hmm, might be some anger management issues there.


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