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Italian Police 1, Snooki 0

Oh my, Florence + Snooki + car = arrest. She’s been Italy all of 4 weeks shooting “Jersey Shore goes Italy” and Snooki has managed to get herself arrested. Bless. Evidently Nicole Polizzi rear ended a police car. No one was injured and “allegedly” alcohol wasn’t involved.


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Can You Take Out The Trash?

Guess which reality star got so pissed she woke up in a garbage can? Snooki of course. The Jersey Shore star told Ellen Degeneres that was one of her worst moments. Hmm, she should try watching re-runs of the show!

Psst Was that garbage bin or mini skip?


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Snooki Does South Park

You know you’ve made it when you’re tooned on South Park. Not so much when a diet company then offers you a lucrative deal to endorse their weight loss formula. Kind of a win/lose, hey Snooki?


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Seems not even a car rollover can kill Dennis Rodman, Mel Gibson’s gone fishing, Laurence Fishburne’s daughter was a prostitute is a porn star (so much for nepotism), Snooki is swearing off booze during the daylight hours, Robbie Williams is officially off the market (yes, fiance signed a pre-nup), Katy Perry is being sued by the Beach boys over California Girls, Emma Thompson is depressed and Lindsay is still in rehab.


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