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Wilson Will Be Jealous

It’s been over a year but a soccer ball from the 2011 Japanese tsunami has washed up on a beach in Alaska. The man who found it had his wife, who happens to be Japanese, translate the writing on the ball and they were able to reunite it with its owner, teenager Misaki Murakami. Hmm, standby Alaskan/ Japanese interpreters there is probably a few thousand  more tons of debris heading your way.


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Nice Balls Beckham

This is so lame, of course the video is fake. Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire, now that was real!!!!


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Lucky He Didn’t Wear Glasses!

Geez lady!

Geez lady!

Come on people, hitting a wheelchair bound kid wearing a medical halo screwed into his skull is pretty poor form (unless you’re the Farrelly Brothers). The incident happened at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children after the boy’s uncle bought him a soccer ball. The ball had accidentally landed in a bush and the uncle was retrieving it when it was alleged Mikka Shardai and her sister decided to go after it. When the uncle placed it in his nephew’s lap, Ms Shardai tried to grab it. In the ensuing fight she swung at either the ball or the kid and hit him in the halo. Enter police, exit woman to county jail!

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