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Earth is Solar Flare Proof!!!

Lying bastards!!!!

If by some odd chance the Mayans are right about the end of the world in 2012, be rest assured it won’t be because of a massive solar flare. Well, so says NASA. They are convinced the Earth won’t be burned to a crisp  because the sun isn’t powerful enough to send a mega fireball 93 million miles. Hmm, so it’s back to the drawing board you friggin doomsayers!!!


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Calm Before The Storm

What the hell was that?

OK loons, no need to panic but what’s up with the latest solar eruption?  A recent  solar flare has just messed with China’s radio communications and NASA are warning there’s more to come. Seems Earth is due for a geomagnetic  storm which is expected wreak havoc on our high tech infrastructure and this little flare is a warm up of things yet to come. So what the hell is a solar storm? It’s when weather in space causes a a temporary disturbance to the Earth’s magnetosphere. The last time we had a big solar storm was in 1921 and it caused global chaos, wiping out telegraph wires and this time they expect it to wipe out the internet too. Bye-bye satellites and electrical power grids. Scientists are predicting the storm will hit Earth in 2012 .Oooh goodie, I just hope it isn’t on the 21st December because the Mayans have already penciled that date in on their calendars.

Psst Does that mean I will have to Morse code my friggin blog posts?


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As If I Haven’t Got Enough To Worry About?

Friggin solar storms!

OK people no need to panic, but you know that whole Mayan 2013 end of the world thingy? Yeah well, they might not be totally nuts after all.Seems we are in for a massive solar flare that could cause a geomagnetic storm on Earth around 2013. The huge radiation levels it could generate may cause massive blackouts and wreak havoc on satellite communications. Hmm, does that mean no Facebook? Damn, might have to rent 2012 and see how John Cusack coped!


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