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How would you like Rudolph, medium or well done?

Rudolph roasting on an open fire ....

Rudolph roasting on an open fire ….

Holy Blitzen, Santa. It’s that time of the year when reindeer meat is the must have for the dinner table. Seems the Brits don’t have a problem chewing reindeer during the Christmas season. Of the 600 stores selling slabs of Ruldoph most have already sold out. Needless to say PETA are having a fit.


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Reindeer in a Can Sold Out

Get your reindeer pate here!!

OK, here’s the thing animal rights protestors outraged over the sale of cans of reindeer pate, try not making a big  who-ha about it because now they have all friggin sold out! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals launched a scathing campaign against the UK department store Harvey Nichols for selling one of the most popular symbols of Christmas as a food product. They were particularly disgusted at the packaging which claimed the contents are a  “farm-raised relative of Rudolph” Result? It has now become the must have item for Christmas.


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Start Spreading The News

Guess which New York City class sold out in 4 hours? Ah, why do I bother, you’ll never guess right anyways. It was the gallery taxidermy class where you dress up dead mice to look like humans. If you’ve seen the film “Dinner for Schmucks” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It was once a hugely popular Victorian society pastime but has suddenly burst back from obscurity. The classes cost $45 and for that you get a frozen mouse which you get to syringe out the blood, scrape out the entrails, remove the bones and then dip in chemicals. The fun part is using wire to set the rodent’s pose and then dress it up. Anywho, due to the quick sell out, three more classes have been added. Sheez, they should think of using rats, there is an unlimited supply of them in New York.


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Perez Hilton Has Gone All Nanny State

Perez Hilton goes politically correct on his blog

They got to you, didn't they?

Urgh, is anyone else yawning at Perez Hilton’s new anti-bullying mantra on his blog? My daily dose of bitch wit and celeb slapping has been replaced by Mary Poppins, umbrella floating, cotton candy, suck hole pandering. Gone are my fav “Lezlo”,  “Kstew” ,”Cokate” , “Maniston”, “Musy Farton and “potato head” quips, now replaced with generic drivel. If I wanted nice I would Mary Hart myself!  Boo hoo to politically correctness, does no one care about my needs? Manchurian Candidate much?


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