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Seahorse Cheeto

See this seahorse Cheeto right there, sold for 100 bucks on eBay.


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Jimmy Choo Shoes Officially Sold

Attention shoe lovers, Jimmy Choo shoes are now officially owned by German company Labelux, who paid $765 million for the privilege. Hmm, won’t Jimmy be pissed, he sold his 50% stake in the company in 2001 for $10 million.


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Woman Sells Her Depression On Trade Me

It's all yours

A woman in New Zealand has sold her illness on Trade Me for $155. Atta girl. The 29 year old who suffers from depression wrote on the listing “My depression won’t let you down. It will rear its ugly head at regular intervals. You can call it the Black Dog if you like. At its severest, you won’t be able to get out of bed to shower, change your underwear or clean your teeth.” She was also kind enough to estimate the monthly cost of keeping her illness “under wraps”, which was about $500 (if you don’t include time off work). Despite the winning bidder recieving a transfer of ownership form for the depression there were no guarantees it would hang around.

Psst The money was donated to the Movember Foundation.


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But You Can’t See Her Breasts!!!

Not exciting at all

Who knew, but three chest X-Rays of Marilyn Monroe just sold for $45,000 at a Hollywood auction in Las Vegas. The X-Rays were taken in 1954 when she was 28 at the then Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in LA. No word on why she was at the hospital or why she needed X-Rays.


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