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Jack The Ripper Was A Hairdresser

sherlock 2Seems the century old mystery that has fascinated the world has finally been solved, thanks to a bloodied and semen covered shawl  found near the body of  one of his victims, Catherine Eddowes. The shawl was purchased at an auction in 2007  and then sent to a molecular biologist who tested all the DNA found on the garment.  The semen , it seems, belonged to a mad as a meat axe Polish Jew immigrant hairdresser named Aaron Kominski. He was thrown into a loony bin in 1891 three years after the killing spree.

But hang on Sherlocks, the Ripperologists aren’t convinced of the findings because a) the shawl had been handled by Eddowes’ relis prior to the auction, which could explain the DNA. b) Catherine Eddowes was a prostitute so the semen could easily have belonged to Kominski who frequented the ladies of the night c) the shawl has been handled by so many people over the years there could be hundred if not thousands of DNA samples on it. d) it was never proven the shawl belonged to Catherine anywho as it wasn’t on the police list of items found at the scene. e)the findings haven’t been reviewed or confirmed by the scientific community.

Oh dear, back to the drawing boards people, nothing to see here.

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Giant Eyeball Mystery Solved

OK loons, put away your deerstalker hats the mystery of the giant eyeball, that washed up on a Florida beach, has been solved. They took their own sweet time, but scientists are pretty sure they now know  what creature the eye belongs to . The answer is  ….drum roll… a swordfish. Give yourself a Scooby snack if you guessed that one.


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Washed Up Feet Mystery Solved

You can stop with the conspiracy theories now, the case of the floating human feet in sneakers has been solved.Yep, remember how all those feet in shoes that randomly washed up on to beaches in Canada and Washington State?  Hmm, well an investigation has determined most of the feet belonged to suicide victims who had jumped from a bridge over the Fraser River. Seems when the bodies decomposed in the water the feet were protected from hungry fish, thanks to the rubber soled shoes they were wearing. And that, my friends, is mystery solved.


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Severed Feet Mystery Maybe Solved

OK loons, remember those friggin 12 severed feet that have washed up on the shores of British Columbia in the last 4 years? Well police have been able to positively identify two of them. Yep, they belong to the same woman who committed suicide in 2004 by jumping from the Pattullo bridge. Her feet were found in sneakers in 2008, 6 months apart. Canadian police now suspect the other 10 feet also belong to suicide victims too.

Want sauce with that?


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Amelia Earhart Mystery

Hold onto your deerstalkers loons, the mystery of Amelia Earhart could be solved.A tiny bone fragment, thought to be part of a finger, has been found on the tiny atoll of Nikumaroro in the Pacific along with a woman’s compact,  a 1933 bottle and a pocket knife. Experts believe the bone and the  items found could belong to famed aviator Earhart who went missing during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937. Her mysterious disappearance sparked an avalanche of theories including she was a spy for Franklin Roosevelt, she was captured by the Japanese and subsequently killed, she was one of the many Toyko Rose’s, she survived the world flight and assumed another identity.Hopefully the DNA will prove once and for all Earhart and her  navigator Fred Noonan became castaways on the tropical island and died some time later, probably from thirst.


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The Mystery of the Colony Collapse Solved

Put away your deerstalker Miss Marple we have found the murderer. After years of red herrings and garden paths scientists are pretty sure they know who’s been killing the great honeybees of the US. And no, it isn’t the usual suspects…pesticides, genetically modified foods or Keyser Söze. The culprit, or should I say culprits, is a fungus and a virus which have teamed up to produce the ultimate killing machine. The serial killers were tracked down by a special ops team made up of military scientists and entomologists. Originally they thought they were only looking for one killer but after intensive investigation they realized the fungus and virus were working together. Now all they have to do is work on a way to kill  one of culprits so the bee kingdom can live happily ever after. All hail the US military and entomologists! Hmm, now if you could only solve who killed Jonbenet Ramsay!

Psst For those of you out of the loop, for the past 4 years US honeybees have been dying on mass. Known as Colony collapse, the continually death of billions of bees has threatened the agricultural industry.


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Don’t Kill In Springfield

Nothing really happens in Springfield, but when they have their first homicide in 5 years it takes them all of seven minutes to solve it. After a witness reported a stabbing on Baltimore Pike, two Delaware cops, who happened to be in the location,  pulled over the suspected Jeep Cherokee and …viola. Not only did they find the suspected killer, Sean Burton, behind the wheel, but also the victim James Stropas slumped beside him. Seven minutes people, seven minutes!


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Easter Island Red Hat Mystery Solved

Easter Island red hats mystery solvedEver wondered how the Easter Island statues (moai) got those red hats? Me neither, but here goes. Evidently the several tonne red scoria rocks were quarried from inside a crater of an ancient volcano and then rolled by some unlucky Polynesians to ceremonial platforms along the coast. So how did they managed to lift them onto the heads of the carved stone figures? No one can answer that friggin question!


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