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Hey Mommy, Look What The Easter Bunny left

Now jump kid, jump!!!

You know what I hate? When a group of little kiddies go on an Easter egg hunt and find a hand grenade. I really friggin hate that! The Somerset Easter hunt was called off when a parent spotted a three year old standing on it. Oh my, what a nightmare, imagine trying to stop an Easter egg hunt! Now that would have ended in tears! Anywho, bomb squad arrived  and blew it up.


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Wedged In Water Slide

Nothing more sadder than a 20 16 stone woman getting stuck halfway down a water slide. The incident happened at Splash Waterworld pool in Minehead, Somerset, after the woman and and a friend became wedged in their yellow inflatable boat. As the woman was being helped from the inflatable she slipped. About 100 people were evacuated from the ride during the 2 hour rescue mission. At one stage  they considered dismantling the water slide, however after they drained the water they were able to haul her out on a spinal board.


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