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Forget Paranormal Activity

Man filming paranormal activity catches partner having sex with teenage sonA man in Tassie set up a video camera in his house in an attempt to capture  paranormal activity but instead caught abnormal activity. Yep, he captured footage of his partner having sex with his teenage son. Holy ghost Batman, that’s going to make Christmas dinner awkward.


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Bang, Bang, I Shot Him Down

YEEHA, a 70 year old man who seriously loathes country music shot his 50 year old son  because he cranked up the karaoke machine and began belting out a country music tune. The son received a gunshot wound to the arm and daddy got a date with a judge. No word on what the song was that set him off but my money is on Islands in the Stream.


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Cutting The Apron Strings

Hello mother!!!

OK, here’s the thing Gene Fahr, when you are 51 and your girlfriend dumps you, don’t go blaming your mom for it! Sheez! Police were called to a house in Florida where Gene had unleashed his anger at his mother, Gayle, for being the alleged cause of his failed relationship. Apparently he had pepper sprayed her well and good before she managed to flee into her room. That’s when Gene bought out his firearm and began shooting at the door handle. Police managed to rescue the shaken mother who emerged wearing an oxygen mask. Hmm, I’m guessing no Chrissy presents for you Gene!


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Lovin It

Guess who’s flipping burgers at McDonald? The Swedish Prime Minister’s son that’s who! Hmm, his allowance must suck!


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Gaddafi’s Son Dead

If the world wanted to see crazy, they are going to get crazy, now one of Gaddafi’s sons has been kaboomed by a suicide bomber. Evidently a Libyan pilot kamikaze-ed his jet into the Bab al-Azizia barracks seriously injuring Khamis who later reportedly died in hospital. None of this has been confirmed of course so it could be just another one of Gaddafi’s over dramatic fibs.


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Don’t Mess With Mom

Wanna mess with him again?

A Crestview mom came up with a simple and friggin effective way to stop her eldest son picking on his younger bro. Call the police.Yep, after oldest son (18) got peeved with mom, he went off and slapped his younger brother. Response? A call to the cops. Hmm, after they  noted a red mark on younger boy’s face, they arrested older brother for battery.

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World’s Oldest Dad Quits Sex

Ewh, ewh, ewh, Ramjeet Raghav the 94 year old Indian man who has just become a father for the first time has called a halt to his “three times a night” sex sessions with wifey for the sake of the bub. Despite saying he loves having sex every night, he wants to focus on his new son, Karamjit, for the time being! Hmm, what with working 9 hours a day digging fields (for $20 a week) and all nighters with the missus, something had to give. Bless, so thoughtful.


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Hey, Isn’t That The Same Name As Your Son?

Sheez, here’s a shocker. A French couple accidentally stumbled across the grave of their son they thought was alive while attending a funeral for another relative. Josiane Vermeersch and Elie Langlet were just leaving the Hellemmes cemetery when a family member noticed a headstone in the paupers area. It read “Olivier Langlet, 1968-2010.” The shocked parents spoke to a local undertaker only to realize it in fact their son’s grave.  The son, who lived less than a mile from them, had died of natural causes in July. A minor tiff within the family had lead to them not speaking. Despite this they want to know why no one was notified.


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Serial Killer Caught Through Son’s DNA

OMG, the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer may have been caught, thanks to his son’s criminal activities and a slice of pizza.For 25 years police were baffled by the “Grim Sleeper” murderer who earned his nickname after taking a 14 year break from killing before re-emerging once again in 2002. However, when Lonnie David Franklin Jr’s son was arrested and his DNA placed in a state data bank, police were shocked to discover a genetic link to material found on the “Grim Sleeper ” victims and the son.  The DNA was so close police suspected someone in his immediate family was the serial killer.Their hunch was Lonnie David Franklin Jr, daddy dearest. So anywho, undercover cops, disguised as waiters, staked out Franklin Jr’s favorite restaurant  collecting his cutlery, napkins , glasses and pizza crust to gather DNA. Oh yes, it was a match. Lonnie David Franklin Jr is now facing 10 counts of murder.

Psst This is the first time that familial DNA has ever been used to solve a major case and they are hoping it will hold up to scrutiny in court.


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Never Punk Your Mom

Blahahaaha it's meeee....

OK, here’s the thing people, if you decide to play a prank on your mom, make sure she isn’t armed. A 21 year old man from Milwaukee thought it would be a hoot to scare his mom, so he donned a ski mask and pretended to rob her. Boo! Hmm, she whipped out her .357 revolver faster than you could say WTF and  opened fire. The son was hit twice by bullets with one hitting him right in the groin. Bye-bye grandkids.


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