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North Korea’s Internet Down

computer woman 2Oo Oh, don’t mess with the US, Pongyang, or your internet might go poof!!!North Korea is currently suffering major internet outages following their hacking of Sony and Obamas threat to respond. OMG, I hope Kim Jong Un doesn’t have to restart Candy Crush, that would be a bitch. This may be the start of cyber attack wars. Dear lord, can you back up Flappy Bird?


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Game Over

Serial Killers can be so precious. Take Ivan Milat for instance, he’s been on a hunger strike because they won’t let him play Sony Playstation games in his cell. He cold bloodily kills 7 backpackers and doesn’t give a shit but the moment he can’t get what he wants….tantrum.Sheez!  For 9 days the attention seeking killer has refused to eat but prison officers have simply ignored him, forcing a back down. A pleased as punch commissioner said “I knew he’d start eating again because he likes his food too much.”

Psst Hmm, I wonder what Playstation games a serial killer would play? I’m guessing not Super Mario Bros.


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Sony Security Breach

Hey mom, might want to cancel your Visa!

Um, Playstation 3 online users you may want to put your controllers down for a tick. Seems there has been a breach in security and some “unauthorized person” has obtained PlayStation Network Users’ personal information, including names, addresses, passwords, logins and credit card details.

Want sauce with that?


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Holy PS3 Console Row Batman

My life is over

Playstation3 gamers living in the Netherlands might want to hide their consoles pretty quick smart. Seems the South Korean company LG (Life’s Good) are on the rampage and have ordered the seizure of all PS3 consoles, including those already purchased, thanks to an alleged Blu Ray patent infringement by Sony. Life not so good! Seems Sony infringed a number of patents relating to the playback of  Blu-ray discs on the console. Authorities have already seized thousands of PS3 and warn no one is safe from confiscation in the Netherlands.Not the Sony!

Want sauce with that?


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Sonys Latest Gadget

OK people, I know you are desperately waiting in anticipation for Sony’s newest cutting edge product release. Well, wait no more here it is…

Hmm, before you click be warned LANGUAGE ALERT …blahahahhaha no really… LANGUAGE ALERT!


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