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Soup Foils Robbery

Who needs a gun to foil a robbery when you have a pot of soup. All hail the Subway worker in Illinois who threw a pot of soup over an armed robber (who was wearing a ghost mask). The dude exited stage left after the dunking without getting so much as a dime. I better it was CHICKEN soup!!!

Psst He could have whacked him with a foot long!!!


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Friggin Loon vs Cup a Soup

OK people, don’t try this at home, you’ll choke. I pretty much hate cup-a-soup, but last night it was so friggin cold I decided I’d MSG myself just this one time. However, in a flash of genius I decided to camouflage the packet soup by chucking in pieces of shaved Parmesan. See, now you would think that it would make it half acceptable and would taste pretty damn good, once it had melted. Well, the Loon discovered that the shaved cheese becomes a frightening, slippery ball of death at the bottom of the cup waiting for the last gulp. My near death experience and the thought of having to pluck the stringy pieces of slime from my throat again, convinced me never to do this again!

Psst Blahaha the irony, the Loon could so easily have been a Friggin Loon headline “Friggin dumbass chokes from cheese in soup!”


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