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Self Righteous Gits

A waitress in South Carolina was left gobsmacked when she was left this note instead of a tip. Oh and if you were wondering, she had never served the couple before.


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Meet Suriya the animal loving orangutan from the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina. Suriya likes to help the keepers with their daily chores, including feeding the penguins. OMG, I so want a orangutan, I have a pile of washing that needs ironing .

Orangutan feeds the penguins


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You Can’t Turn The Other Cheek

Woman in bikini thong charged with indecent exposureWearing a thong bikini in South Carolina…. that’s an indecent exposure charge right there. Hmm, who knew exposing your butt was an offence?

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Can You Wait One Moment While I Google It

What do you think doc?

If you live in South Carolina and happened to have seen a Dr Arthur Kennedy in the past year you might want to get a second opinion. Seems the good doc is actually Ernest Addo of Austell who stole the real doctor’s identity. Austell’s cover was blown when a patient  saw him looking up ask.com.

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Truck Nuts

A driver has been pulled over in South Carolina for having a pair of anatomically correct fake testicles hanging from his truck’s rear bumper. The dude was charged with driving without a license and issued a warning about his obscene balls!


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Whoopsie daisy. A woman in South Carolina was approached by two men outside McDonalds claiming to have cheap iPads for sale. Apparently they had purchased them in bulk and were selling them for $300. When Ashley McDowell told them she only had $180 they said that would do. You can kinda guess what happened next. Yep, when he got home she opened the FedEx box and found a lovely piece of wood painted with an Apple logo on it. Police are now looking for two black men (one with a gold tooth) driving a Impala with “no rims”.


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Another Gun Tragedy

A 14 year old South Carolina boy shot his father, great aunt and grandmother with a rifle he was given as a birthday present before calmly ringing 911. When police arrived they found the father and great aunt deceased and the grandmother still alive but in a critical condition. The boy who can not be named, did not to appear to have any known mental issues and was well behaved at school. When asked why he did it, the boy told police “I don’t know”. Sad, sad, sad, no winners here.

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Human Frogger Fail

Remember that dumbass video game Frogger? Yep, the one where you try to get the frogs safely across the road without  turning them into roadkill. Well anywho, some guy from South Carolina was hospitalized after he decided to try the real life version of the game. Hmm, evidently he got cleaned up by a SUV. Game over. Friends say he was discussing the game just before he yelled “go” and then ran into on coming traffic on a four lane highway.


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Parrot Becomes Key Evidence

A key witness in the case against Gloria Park Clark, who allegedly neglected her 98 year old mother Anne Copeland, is…wait for it…a parrot. Yes sirree, the parrot was discovered by authorities after they found Copeland at her South Carolina home this week suffering from severe bedsores. The bird was repeatedly saying “help me, help me” before laughing.Police believe the parrot was mimicking the mother when it said “help me, help me” and mimicking the daughter when it laughed.Sadly Ms Copeland died the following day.


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It Was This Big

Oh for the love of nature, what the hell? Mary Ellen Mara-Christian has become an internet sensation after killing a  1025lb  (464kg) alligator in South Carolina. No, the 70 year old reptile wasn’t about to attack her, it was just basking in the sun, minding it’s own beeswax. Mary Ellen had a gun. Mary Ellen had an alligator hunting permit. Mary Ellen just wanted to kill something big.It took a hunting party 2 hours to secure the gator before she shot it with her .22 caliber gun but it proved useless against the mighty beast, so she used a knife to sever its spinal cord. You better hope there isn’t karma!


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