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You Might Want Better Aim?

Oh look, they're waving at us?

Hmm, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. South Korean marine Corps troops opened fire for 10 minutes on a suspicious aircraft flying near the border they share with North Korea thinking it was one of those communist bastard jet fighters belonging to Kim Jong Il. Turns out it was a South Korean commercial aircraft with 119 people on board. The worrying thing is they fired at the aircraft for 10 minutes and still managed to miss it.


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When Even Hypnosis Fails!

You lied!

You lied!

You know you are a loser when you have to hypnotize a woman just to get a friggin kiss! Mr Park, a South Korean hypnotist (1st sign of trouble), went on a blind date arranged by a matchmaking agency (2nd sign of trouble) with some poor unsuspecting woman. I am guessing this is what happened next, the conversation went along the lines of “So, what do you do for a living? ” because it wasn’t long before Mr Park suggested he put her into a trance (dear god, 3rd sign of trouble). After a few nervous laughs and a series of excuses she was eventually persuaded (4th sign of trouble) to be hypnotized. After doing a bit of chanting, Mr Park was convinced she was hypnotized and leaned over to give her a kiss. Silly fool. She slapped him with a sexual harassment charge (there’s the trouble) so fast he didn’t have time to click his fingers. Nice exit strategy lady.The Seoul Central District Court fined him $2,453.

Psst See, he should have just gone on a real “blind” date (save himself the grief). Or maybe he should have thought of becoming magician (hmm, or a serial killer!) that way he could have made her disappear!


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