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Damn You Cartman!

Oi, oi, oi, seems no one got the memo that “Kick A Jew Day” isn’t kosher at Vestal High School. Yep, apparently 37 students are facing suspension after they copied the South Park inspired prank “Kick a Ginger Day” and went on a Jew kicking romp.

Want sauce with that?


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Justin Bieber is Dead

What took you so friggin long guys?


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Snooki Does South Park

You know you’ve made it when you’re tooned on South Park. Not so much when a diet company then offers you a lucrative deal to endorse their weight loss formula. Kind of a win/lose, hey Snooki?


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Were Terrorists Trying To Kill Kenny?

Could the dumbassed bomb that failed to kaboom in Time Square be linked to the recent South Park “Muhammad” piss pulling? OK Loons, here’s the connection, the vehicle was parked really close to the Viacom building which owns Comedy Central (who produce South Park). Coincidence? Or is it the Pakistani Taliban who are claiming responsibility? Either way, you’d be a fool to claim responsibility when the whole thing has been called “amateurish”. Personally I’d blame it on Kim Jong Il and be done with it!

Psst Hats off to the t-shirt vendor who noticed the smoke billowing from the car and notified police.

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Mohammad Mocking on South Park

Forget Killing Kenny, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on the extremists hit list radar for mocking Mohammad. Run boys, run! The South Park creators have decided to censor their show after they received  threats jihads fatwas warnings over their piss pulling on Mohammad.  You know you just can’t depict Mohammed in a bear suit and think you can get away with it. OK, yes,  sure Scientology isn’t so scary, so, yes, Tom Cruise in a closet is acceptable, but guys…. move over Salman you’re hogging the blankets!


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The Real South Park

I’m not a big South Park fan but the Dutch…sheez…ever heard of animators? Here’s what happens when they turn a cartoon into real people! If you are easily offended I suggest you don’t watch!

Psst No way this would ever get passed by our censors!


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Friggin Facebook

For Stan the nightmare begins….


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