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OK loons, resume the stack hat position, a mysterious object is hurtling to Earth and should kaboom on Friday the 13th. Scientists believe the object named WT1190F (aka “what the 1190 f*ck”) is space junk of some kind but they aren’t too sure what the impact will be. They are saying it will most likely land in the ocean off Sri Lanka but I am assuming that is to alleviate fears it could land on our noggins.


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Incoming Dead Satellite

Sorry I didn't believe you Loon!!!!

Incoming space junk should be heading this way very shortly. Might want to wear a helmet over the weekend. I’m just saying! Half a ton of satellite could damn hurt! Oh and if you thought you were safe in the US , think again. NASA have announced the dead satellite isn’t hurtling to Earth as fast as they thought and could now hit the States. Hmm, might want to get Erin Brockovich’s phone number handy.

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Space Junk On Collison Course With Space Station

Most excitement we've had up here in ages!

Holy flying space junk Batman. Duck astronauts, a piece of space junk is heading your way. NASA are friggin freaking over a piece of space debris heading straight towards the International Space Station. The two man crew are unaware of the imminent danger just yet but at 10 am they sure will be, because that is the time NASA intends to tell them to get the hell into the friggin Soyuz escape pod. Possible projected impact time is around 1.17pm so that will give them a good 3 hours to panic! Ah I know what you are thinking, move the friggin space station, hmm, they already thought of that but it is all too late! I bet the three astronauts who came back down to earth on Tuesday are thanking their lucky stars they aren’t still up there.

Psst The junk is believed to be  from a Russian satellite that collided with a U.S. satellite on Feb 10.


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