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In Space No One Can Hear You Poop

Come on Loons, haven’t you always wanted to know  how to poop in space?  Well wonder no more, all your questions have been answered. PSST: Did she say the urine is recycled into water? Budget cuts suck!


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Zero-G Sex Not So Good For Geckos

A Million Cockroaches escape

Yeah baby, give me some Zero-G

Some sad news loons. Five geckos sent to space by the Russians have been found frozen to death. The creatures were part of  Zero-G sex experiments. No word on the fruit flies.

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I’m Alright, Don’t You Worry About Me

A dumbass gopher is refusing to relocate despite living right next to a rocket launch pad in Kazakhstan. Oh dear, we’ve all seen Caddyshack, this is not going to end well!!!!

original footage


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