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Keep your legs to yourself

Attention all male loons, if you plan to go to Spain and are guilty of “manspreading” be warned. It is now an offence to spread them man legs on public transport. Just stop! Nothing worse than your personal space being invaded by a male leg.


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And By Castle Restoration We Didn’t Mean This

You had one job!!!! An architect is deep doo dah after his attempt at restoring a 9th century Spanish castle turned into an epic fail. The restoration was approved by the regional cultural authorities but has since been slammed by the Spanish historical conservation association calling it a “disaster” and the public in general.


Hmm, on a bright note, at least they didn’t hire the Spanish pensioner who restored a fresco of Jesus. Oh well, another tourist attraction for Span.

fresco fail


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An animal activist was beaten by a duck at a Spanish festival after he yelled at a participant.  The festival sees ducks thrown into the sea and then people swim out to rescue them. Mayor is considering cancelling the event.


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We Are Moving To Spain Loons

Pack your bags loons we are living in Ador. The mayor has officially declared the hours of 2-5 to be nap time. Oh yeah, way to go mayor.


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Penisville Sign You Say?

laughing manLocals were able to track down their missing Penisville road sign thanks to the couple who posted photos on Facebook posing next to it during their wedding. Evidently the sign gets stolen a lot.


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This Is Not What You Want

Horrifying footage of the high speed train that crashed in Spain makes flying look safe….


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Boomerang Dog Poop

OK, I'm ready for my walk.

and don’t forget to flush…

You might want to keep your pooch from pooping in the streets of Brunete, Spain because there is a good chance you may receive it back in the mail, neatly marked “Lost Property”. Oh yeah. A group of volunteers have been wandering the streets day and night, watching and waiting for a dog to do its thing (and its owner not to). That’s when they innocently stroll up to the owner and casually ask the dog’s name. From there they pick up the poop and then search the name and description of the dog in the town’s pet database and viola, they have an address. Next thing you know, you’re receving a nasty little package in the mail. In February alone pet owners got 147 smelly surprises.  Funnily enough since then Brunete has seen a 70% drop in bad doggy owner behavior.


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